Anti-phishing Security Update for Gmail on Android!

In light of the phishing email scam that plagued Gmail Android users last week, Google decided to roll out an update to its Gmail client that will warn users if they follow a link from a suspected email.

The attack last week consisted of an email that supposedly came from a known contact, prompting recipients to open documents in Google Docs. Anyone who followed the link was taken to a page that resembles Google Docs sign-in, but instead was designed to give the cyber attacker access to user’s email account. Google quickly disabled the attack, and retroactively flagged any of its malicious emails as spam. Less than 0.1 percent of Gmail users were affected. With over 1 billion Gmail users, the number of infected could still be as high as 1 million.

With this update, Google is giving users another tool to protect against clicking on suspicious emails. The update is available for everyone who uses a Google’s Android Gmail App. Users can access the update by heading to the Google Play Store and updating the Gmail App.

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