Do You Know if Your Cyber Insurance Will Actually Cover You in a Breach?

Most cyber insurance policies have hidden exemptions to refuse claims.
Request a Free Cyber Audit to see if you're at risk.

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Our FREE Cyber Security Audit Will Help You:

Ensure Your Business is Protected finding an insurer whose rules cover your cyber risks & align with your IT system.

Minimize the Risk of a Claim Refusal ensuring your IT system is 100% compliant with your insurer’s policies. documenting data-backed proof of compliance across all of your IT assets.

Get Ironclad Proof of Compliance ensuring your MSP can give you the latest IT technologies in the market.

Get Payouts Sooner finding & eliminating cyber security gaps in your IT system.

Avoid Having to Ever Make a Claim

A deep-dive across your entire IT stack to map out how it works and to see if each specific system complies with your insurer’s policies.

What Does The Audit Include?

Error-free data collection of every technical system so that you have proof-of-compliance for regulatory and insurance purposes.

Complete documentation support for HIPAA, NY DFS, PCI, GDPR, & other compliance rules.

Network-wide scans to detect non-compliant systems and reports on how to correct gaps.

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