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For a limited time, get instant support without any contractual commitments

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Get urgent issues fixed with our dedicated support team, without leaving your home

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Our experts are here to help your business at a discount during the COVID-19 pandemic:

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During this time, get reduced pricing for urgent support and remote access solutions

Our Response to COVID-19

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Through these confusing times, your health and safety is our number one concern. We remain cautiously optimistic and advise you to stay focused on your long-term goals and business continuity.

For a limited time we are offering remote access solutions and support so your business can continue to move forward, while being safe.

What is your business plan during the COVID-19 virus outbreak?

Download our COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan to ensure your business is prepped and ready!


COVID-19 Special Services and Solutions

Remote Set-Up

Immediate remote set-up and support solutions.

Business Continuity

Continuity and resiliency services for your hardware & software.

Cyber Security

Get support for any of your needs, 100% remotely.

Need expert advice? Get a 20-minute free consultation with an expert

24/7 Technical Support


Cyber security to stop hackers from nixing your business.

Working Remotely Checklist

Do you have the latest online collaboration software?

Do you have a clean environment?

Do you have easily accessible files?

Do you have cyber security in place?

Do you have enough bandwidth?

Do you have easy-to-use project management?

Do you have the ability to video call?

Do you have an employee communication policy?

Do you have a good audio headset?

Do you have security policies?

Is your team ready to work remotely?

COVID-19 Resources and Guides

The At-Home Checklist For Effective Video Conferencing

Do you have a good internet connection?

Do you have good audio?

Do you have a quiet space?

Do you have a video-conferencing app?

Do you have a clean background?

Do you have a good web-cam?

Top Security Vulnerabilities in COVID-19

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How to Create a Business Continuity Plan

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