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Don’t Let Cybersecurity Threats Place Your Business at Risk

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IT security services in NYC from Power Consulting:

24/7 coverage of your IT system’s cybersecurity needs

Access to our HIPAA-compliant data centers for your cloud applications and redundancy

Availability of our private cloud services for enhanced data security

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Managing Cyber Security & Compliance in New York for Over 25 Years

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24/7 IT Security Monitoring & Response

No single business is immune to a cyber attack, no matter the size. In fact, small businesses are just as likely to be targeted for attacks as large firms. Our IT Security services follow stringent industry standards and best practices to protect your data, users, productivity, and profits.

Through the Power Consulting IT Security Program, we will raise your business’ security standard and awareness to keep you safe from Internet intrusion, hacking, virus, malware and spam. The overall security plan also includes system continuity, backup and data recovery.

We offer 24/7 system monitoring while guaranteeing strong data security, performance, and redundancy to ensure mission critical operations. Understanding that a team of professionals is accountable for company security, business leaders can have the confidence to focus on company goals.

Learn More about Power Managed Care

Our IT cybersecurity services act as an add-on to our comprehensive managed IT services package called Power Managed Care. PMC supports your daily IT needs in areas like maintenance, monitoring, and management of every IT asset and process.

The world class team at Power Consulting has honed our IT support process over 25 years into a 1 year set of deliverables. That guarantees that your systems will be re-organized within 90 days and your entire network and IT enterprise optimized within a year.

Scale Your IT Security Services

Client security is a top priority at Power Consulting. From support to strategy, we offer an array of layered cybersecurity services to protect your business.

  • Network Vulnerability & Risk Assessment
  • Security Architecture Design & Consulting
  • Network & User Cyber Awareness Training
  • Network Security Policy Review & Upkeep
  • GDPR Monitoring, Scanning & Compliance
  • NYRR500 Compliance
  • NYDFS Compliance

SECaaS - Security as a Service

Our SECaaS service offers monthly security programs that include:

  • Cyber Security Consulting (vCISO)
  • Cyber Security Insurance Coverage
  • Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Live Phish Testing
  • Incident Response
  • Risk Remediation
  • Policy Review & Maintenance
  • Vulnerability & Risk Reporting
  • Advanced Deep Penetration Testing
Don’t Ignore Your IT Security Strategy
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No One-Size-Fits-All Strategies Here

Power Consulting draws on more than 25 years of experience protecting businesses from security threats. Our team of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals know that there is no silver bullet to cybersecurity and that it requires constant vigilance. All good security is managed security. There is no “solution” to cyber threats. The solution is good management.

No two businesses have the same strategy or need the same IT solutions. Therefore, consulting with experienced cybersecurity professionals is a critical step in developing a plan that best suits your business’ needs.

Cybersecurity is a rational investment to reduce risk. However, not even the greatest investment in security will entirely eliminate that risk. Therefore, an appropriate investment must be made based on the business’ tolerance for risk. Finding the balance between cost and risk is the overall goal of cybersecurity consulting and planning.

Under Power Managed Care, our team of experienced consultants will devise a strategic plan that best understands your business needs every year. We also provide interim “Action Plans” that address small, tactical IT improvements that can be made over the course of the year.

Disaster can strike any business at anytime, and the vast majority of businesses are not prepared to recover. With 24/7 system coverage, we provide rapid response support around the clock so that our clients can focus on what they do best: run their business.

To ensure mission critical operations in the event of any disaster, we house our HIPAA compliant data centers just outside Manhattan in New Jersey out of harm’s way. That means that if you are hit with a breach or loss of data, we can promptly restore it so that you can resume your business.

A disaster recovery plan is necessary for any business. Power Consulting identifies the greatest threats to the recovery of your systems, and provides a comprehensive recovery plan that can apply additional benefits of insurance discounts and tiger operations. Additionally, in the case of a data breach we include $2M in cyber insurance to protect our clients.

Don’t Risk a Fatal Breach of Your IT Systems