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IT Assessment Services

Identify gaps in your IT infrastructure that hinder your business

Does Your IT Infrastructure Support Your Goals and Objectives?

With in-depth technology assessments, you can identify areas of improvement to support your business growth.

Why choose Power Consulting for IT assessment services?

IT Support

Learn everything about your IT infrastructure with detailed insights in a comprehensive report.

IT Support

Address all areas of your IT infrastructure and gain insight on how to maximize your operations.

IT Support

Simplify your technology stack by removing redundant or outmoded hardware and software, and replacing it with simpler, cheaper and easier-to-manage systems.

IT Support

Get expert suggestions to overcome your IT shortcomings and boost efficiency with industry best practices.

IT Support

Identify the gaps in your IT operations to be resolved by Power Consulting or your in-house team.

IT Support

Gain a deep understanding into the weaknesses and strengths of your system with a network assessment

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What Clients Think About Power Consulting’s IT Assessment Services

“We asked Power Consulting to come in and evaluate our network and onsite technology. The server closet was full of systems that had not been used for years, but we kept because we were afraid of causing problems. They analyzed our network and recommended we move several resources to the cloud. Then they examined the old systems, trashed or recycled them, and left us with a pristine server closet with just a few neatly stacked and cabled devices! What a relief to know we were as lean and clean as possible, and our cloud strategy was finally under way.”

Marsha Seeman
- Assistant Executive Director, Writers Guild of America East

Power Consulting Group IT Assessment Services

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Brands That Trust Power Consulting for IT Assessments

Services that Make Power Consulting a Leading IT Assessment Company

Detailed IT Assessments

Learn everything about your IT infrastructure with Power Consulting’s detailed IT assessment services.

Our experts will dig deep to see how your business leverages technology and identify redundancies and inefficiencies across your most important IT processes:

  • Server and file-sharing permissions
  • Data backup and business continuity readiness
  • Private Cloud/Public cloud resources
  • Audio/Video/VOIP configuration
  • Desktop/Laptop standard hardware and configuration recommendations
  • Hardware Warranties
  • Software versions and serial numbers

After you receive an assessment report, we’ll provide you with unbiased recommendations and insights to improve your systems and maximize business outcomes.

Disaster Recovery Assessment

How prepared is your business in the event of disaster?

Losing access to your vital information due to data loss or data breaches can cripple even the largest organizations.

A disaster recovery assessment will identify gaps that might leave your systems vulnerable or don’t meet compliance specifications.

If gaps are identified, we’ll give you expert advice on how to fill them so you’re prepared to recover from a major event.

Cyber Security Assessment

Weak IT security measures leaves your business information vulnerable to hackers, and being out of compliance can result in expensive fines.

Power Consulting’s professionals will scan your systems to identify vulnerabilities that leave your business open to attack.

  • Network security
  • Access and permissions
  • Untrained users
  • Current business procedures
  • Physical security

Once the assessment is complete, we can offer advice on how to close any vulnerabilities and strengthen your IT security.

Technology Strategy

Are you utilizing the best technology to reach your business goals? With a technology assessment, you can identify areas of improvement within your IT stack.

Our small business technology professionals  will review your current business needs and goals. We will then develop a written report detailing how to leverage technology to meet those objectives.

Our recommendations may include specific purchasing recommendations if needed.

Power Consulting expertly:

  • Specifies
  • Procures
  • Configures
  • Integrates

technologies into your environment, including user training as needed.

Compliance Risk Assessment

Being out of compliance with industry regulations can result in expensive fines and harm to your business reputation. It may also result in security breaches. Stay up to code with a compliance risk assessment.

Power Consulting’s professionals will analyze your IT infrastructure to ensure full compliance with all industry standards, including:

  • Penetration testing and vulnerability scans
  • Assessing audit trails
  • Review cybersecurity policies
  • Identify security gaps
  • Review third-party service provider security policies
  • Ensure you meet HIPAA, NY, DFS, SEC, GDPR, PCI, and any other compliance standards
  • Dark Web exposure
  • Vulnerability to breaches caused by employees.

Incident Response Assessment

Even the most secure companies aren’t immune to IT threats.

When an incident does occur, it is critical to have an incident response plan to follow.  Haphazard, delayed, or simply mistaken responses to security events can drastically increase the risk of damage to your systems, data, and reputation.

A security incident response assessment will test your business’s ability to respond to IT threats by analyzing the following elements:

  • Comparing your current incident response plan to industry standards and best practices
  • Determining the chain of custody for the response. Who is responsible, what will they do, and how will they respond if it fails.
  • Testing the effectiveness of your plan against evolving threats
  • Clarify the timing and process of reporting the incident to management and to external agencies, e.g., FBI or regulatory agencies like the SEC.

Identify the IT Issues that are Slowing You Down

Learn more about how to promote your business efficiency with an IT assessment

Benefits of Getting an IT Assessment Service from Power Consulting

- 55%
Reduction of IT issues after three months
Decrease in hardware-related issues and downtime
Access to remote helpdesk support

Learn What an IT Assessment Can Do for Your Business