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IT Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Work with an IT partner that understands your mission and the unique challenges of nonprofit work. Leverage technology to achieve your mission goals through strategic thinking, ready support, and budgeting assistance.

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Drive Your Mission with Nonprofit IT Support!

Ensure your mission success by choosing an IT provider that understands nonprofits:  budgets, fund-raising, donors and members, grant applications, and the many special circumstances that make nonprofits so challenging!  

Why choose Power Consulting for nonprofit IT services?

IT Support

Eliminate the distractions of IT.  Our rapid and friendly support lets you focus on your mission and unlock your team’s true capabilities.

IT Support

Protect your organization by ensuring donor’s and member’s privacy, user security and data loss prevention.

IT Support

Improve your operation by standardizing your environment, systems, software, data locations and workflows

IT Support

Adapting for the future Cloud servers and easy remote collaboration improve organizational resilience and adaptability

IT Support

Tap our extensive IT-for-Nonprofit experience.  We are eager to help with grants, with vendor management,  with annual budgeting and strategic planning.

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Why More Nonprofit Choose Us

of Nonprofit Believe Technology Is Essential for Their Success
of Nonprofit Lack a Cybersecurity Strategy
of Nonprofit Struggle With Insufficient Technology Budgets

Comprehensive IT Services for Nonprofit

Safeguard Your Mission

Protect your nonprofit’s data and maintain donor trust with our top-tier cybersecurity services.

Experience peace of mind knowing that 97% of our work is done remotely, minimizing disruptions while maximizing security. Our approach ensures your sensitive information remains secure against ever-evolving threats.

Let us handle the tech so you can focus on what matters most: your mission.

Ahead of IT Challenges

Streamline your operations with IT services that anticipate and resolve issues before they impact your mission. Our proactive planning reduces IT problems by up to 55% within the first three months, allowing your team to focus on achieving more.

Experience a partnership that understands the unique needs of nonprofits, delivering solutions that are not just reactive but visionary.

Empower Your Growth

Leverage cloud computing to enhance your nonprofit’s agility and scalability.

Our services provide the flexibility to work from anywhere, ensuring your team can collaborate effectively, no matter where they are. With our help, transitioning to the cloud is seamless, enabling you to make the most of technology that supports your mission’s growth and adaptability.

Rapid Response When It Matters

Gain immediate assistance with our 4-hour emergency response time.

When IT disruptions occur, our team is on hand to ensure your operations continue smoothly, minimizing downtime and maintaining continuity.

Our commitment to rapid support reflects our understanding of the critical nature of your work, ensuring you’re always ready to face the unexpected.

Strategize for Success

Align your IT infrastructure with your nonprofit’s goals through strategic planning and expert guidance. Our approach not only solves current IT challenges but also prepares you for future growth.

Our team has exclusive insights into technology grants for small business and will assist in the grant process to obtain the best available technology grants for your organization.

By understanding your mission deeply, we tailor solutions that propel your objectives, ensuring technology becomes a driving force behind your success, not a barrier.

Unlimited Support, Unmatched Service

Experience the peace of mind that comes with our all-inclusive managed IT services.

Offering unlimited support, we handle everything from day-to-day issues to strategic planning, all for a predictable cost. Our managed care process is designed to reorganize and optimize your IT systems within a year, reducing IT issues significantly and allowing you to focus more on your mission.

Elevate Your Nonprofit Mission with our IT Expertise

IT Services for Non-Profit Businesses

Data Security Tailored for Nonprofits

Protect your organization’s mission-critical data from threats with cybersecurity measures crafted specifically for nonprofits.

Benefit from a robust security posture that ensures donor data remains confidential and secure, leveraging our 33+ years of experience. Experience the confidence of knowing your network is monitored 24/7, minimizing risks and safeguarding your valuable i

This proactive approach not only preserves your reputation but also strengthens trust with your stakeholders.

Don’t Let Your Mission Suffer from Bad IT

We solve your issues (most of them remotely) 66% faster than leading competitors!

Custom IT Solutions That Scale

Get IT solutions that grow with your nonprofit, ensuring scalability and flexibility.

Tailored to meet the unique demands of your organization, our services adapt as you expand, supporting more users, data, and services without skipping a beat. With a 40-55% reduction in IT issues after just three months, witness your organization achieve its goals with technology that’s as dynamic and resilient as your mission.

This strategic foresight keeps you ahead, maximizing impact while minimizing disruptions.

Non-Profit IT Services
IT Services for Non-Profits

Strategic IT Planning & Grant Acquisition for Nonprofit

Achieve your mission with strategic IT planning that aligns technology with your nonprofit’s goals.

Gain insights and guidance that transform IT from a cost center into a strategic asset. With our comprehensive approach, expect to see a significant reduction in operational challenges, enabling a sharper focus on your core objectives.

Our vCIO experts provide strategic direction to ensure your organization is protected and maximizing your investment in technology.

We work with your grant writing team to identify available technology grants for your nonprofit that will help pay for some, if not all, of your technology budget.

This alignment ensures that every IT decision supports your mission, drives efficiency, and enhances organizational effectiveness.

Nonprofit IT Services Case Studies

FAQs About Our IT Services for Nonprofit

Technology grants can provide crucial financial support for upgrading systems, enhancing cybersecurity, implementing and applying innovative solutions, ultimately boosting your organization’s efficiency and impact.

Power Consulting Group conducts a comprehensive needs assessment, aligning your organization’s goals with potential grant opportunities, ensuring a targeted and effective approach.

Technology grants can cover a wide range of expenses, including hardware and software purchases, cybersecurity measures, website development, and IT support services.

Power Consulting Group will work with your organiza-tion to assess eligibility criteria, ensuring that you meet the requirements outlined by various grant providers.

The timeline varies, but our experts will guide you through the entire process, helping you meet appli-cation deadlines and providing ongoing support as needed.

Power Consulting Group assists in crafting compel-ling proposals by highlighting the unique impact of your organization, aligning technology needs with your mission, and showcasing the potential outcomes.

Absolutely. We offer comprehensive post-grant sup-port, ensuring effective implementation of technology solutions and ongoing IT support to maximize the benefits of the awarded funds.

Strategic technology planning is crucial. Power Con-sulting Group helps you identify long-term technology goals, ensuring that grant applications align with your organization’s broader vision.