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HIPAA Compliance Services

Collect, store and transfer health data without the risk of costly regulatory fines.

We handle the complicated technical and policy work so that you can deliver great healthcare services to your patients.

Use our HIPAA compliance consulting services to achieve the following in your IT system:


Stop hackers by finding exposed computers and network openings.


Avoid violation fines by storing data in our HIPAA compliant data centers.

IT Support

Prevent staff from violating HIPAA rules through our training program.


Reduce legal liability by restricting access to patient data to only trusted staff.


Overcome the headache of meeting HIPAA’s policies, procedures and documentation requirements.

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Our HIPAA Compliance Consulting Services and Penetration Testing save you from expensive penalties and regulator headaches.

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Don’t let HIPAA copliance audits stress you or your staff

We’ll handle the hosting, IT asset management and policy work so that you can focus on treating your patients.

HIPAA compliance is a must, but getting there is too big a task to do alone.

Loop us in as your IT partner and we’ll have you meet HIPAA’s Security Rule, Privacy Rule and Breach Notification requirements in short-order, and without burdening you with any of the technical headaches. This is how…


Security Rule

We’ll ensure that the ePHI/EMR data your healthcare organization sends, receives and stores are done under HIPAA’s Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability framework.

You’ll get vulnerability scans on every IT asset — computers, mobile devices and routers — as well as audits to identify weak passwords, insufficient access controls, and insecure data storage measures.


Privacy Rule

We’ll put safeguards in place to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your patients’ health data.

Safeguards include implementing access controls — account and mobile device management — to prevent unauthorized staff from accessing that data.

You can confidently promise regulators and patients that this data is only being seen by the medical staff they trust, no one else.


Breach Notification Rule:

You’ll be ready to handle a crisis — including a data breach — with ease through disaster recovery (via cloud backups) and reporting policies to inform regulators and victims.

We help you get organizational buy-in by providing reports you can present to upper management, shareholders and other stakeholders.

We also help you design and implement cyber security plans.

Meet HIPAA’s strict encryption requirements without stressing over the technical work

Our HIPAA consultants will handle all of the complicated, costly and time-consuming technical work of encrypting your data, including server security, maintenance and configuration.

Not only does this keep your data HIPAA-compliant, but our services ensure that your data access is reliable and safe. There’s no need to be concerned about your data, just focus on your patients.

Remove the risk of network intrusions

Our vulnerability scans will find and remove easy-to-miss HIPAA compliance violations such as open ports and rogue access points.

You can’t afford to have even one compromised device

Don’t let computers lacking active antivirus software and lost or stolen smartphones tarnish your compliance efforts.

We’ll find and close those gaps while also deleting your data from lost/stolen phones, giving you quick and easy gains towards HIPAA compliance.

Keep patient data away from the wrong people

We’ll implement a complete access control system across your healthcare organization to limit data access to only trusted staff.

This includes building audit trails, restricting data access to only those in need of it, and proper ability to enable and revoke access from specific people.

Ensure your staff aren’t a HIPAA compliance liability

We’ll train your employees to use your IT assets and manage patient data in alignment with HIPAA rules.

Pass regulatory HIPAA audits with ease

Validate your cyber security investments by putting them through our automated penetration tests and phishing tests.

Not only will you have insights to showcase HIPAA compliance, but you can also prepare for emerging cyber threats.

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Don’t let the risk of violating HIPAA compliance
distract you or your staff