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Vulnerability Scanning

Quickly Find Your Cyber Security Vulnerabilities Before Hackers do it for You

Deploy end-to-end security vulnerability scanning to close cyber security gaps in your network, hosting and applications.

Don’t let even a single cyber security gap remain undetected in your IT system:


$2 million in cyber security insurance coverage for your IT system.


Regular (quarterly, monthly or real time) vulnerability scans of your IT assets.


Regular (quarterly or monthly) phishing tests.


Automated Penetration Testing.


Local device-level real time user behavior threat detection and monitoring.

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Regularly Conduct Vulnerability Scans of Your IT
System to Find Unprotected Workstations

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Did You Know the NYCRR 500 Requires You to Scan Your IT?

Don’t get caught off-guard by the NYCRR or any other compliance issue by getting your IT system scanned regularly.

Professional Vulnerability Scanning Services

From meeting compliance standards to protecting your assets, get the following done today:

Determine if your data and communications are properly encrypted.

Find and remove potential exploits in your network, applications and databases.

Identify misconfiguration in your hardware, firewalls, routers, application servers and other assets.

Regular Vulnerability Scans

Regularly scanning your workstations, networks and other IT assets for vulnerabilities doesn’t need to be complicated.

Consider Security as a Service (SECaaS).

Our SECaaS solutions are tuned to respond to the unique IT needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

It doesn’t matter if you’re operating in a low-risk area with a few cyber security essentials or in a complex, high-risk area such as finance — we have you covered.

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Find Insecure Hardware, Software and Ports

Deploy industry-proven automated scanning tools to scan each and every system involved in your IT infrastructure.

Be it workstations, routers, servers, hosting and others, you will get vulnerability scanning to find gaps and problems.

This can include workstations without anti-virus, ports that aren’t configured right, out-of-date threat libraries and more.

You can get vulnerability scans done on a quarterly or monthly basis depending on the cyber risks posed to your SMB.

For high-risk business operations (finance, health etc), you can also get an enterprise-grade Real Time Global Threat Sensor for around-the-clock vulnerability scanning.

Build Objective Risk Assessments

Don’t leave your cyber security risk assessment work or audits for guesswork and assumptions.

By deploying industry-proven security vulnerability scanning to your IT system, you’ll pinpoint vulnerabilities and have the right, informed insights you need for your risk assessments.

It takes objective insights to ensure that you’re spending your limited resources on meeting industry security and compliance standards (e.g. GDPR, NY DFS, NYCRR, etc).

Integrate with SECaaS

Security vulnerability scanning is only one part to a complete cyber security system. You also need cyber security hardware, software, training and processes.

Yes, building-out your cyber security infrastructure isn’t easy — and certainly not cheap — but it’s a must. Cyber criminals are always looking for smaller and weaker prey.

Leverage Power Consulting’s SECaaS solutions to shield your entire IT system from current and emerging cyber threats.

Be it regular vulnerability scans, training, remediation or fixing, support for writing and enforcing cyber policies and recovering from a breach (by storing data backups in our SOC-compliant data centers), you’re covered for a flat, monthly-fee.

Case Studies

Don’t let Malware Sneak Through on an Unprotected PC