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Power Consulting’s IT procurement services provide product recommendations, accurate specifications, logistics, ordering, installation, and returns.

IT procurement services from Power Consulting:


25+ years of experience matching business needs with IT products and services


Leverage our partnerships with the IT industry’s leading manufacturers


Make your new systems and your team productive immediately with our installation and configuration services

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Leverage Our Partnerships for Your IT Procurement Strategy

Power Consulting maintains preferred partnerships with the IT industry’s leading OEMs – such as Adobe, Microsoft, Lenovo, Symantec, VMWare, IBM, Juniper, and others – to access today’s latest hardware, software and services solutions.

We’ll negotiate with OEMs on your behalf to secure the best volume pricing, hidden or low-key warranties and other beneficial inputs for lowering your long-term IT system costs. Our long standing relationships with major industry distributors allows Power Consulting to provide competitive pricing on all IT products and solutions which we can bundle with our professional services to provide a complete solution for your hardware refresh initiatives.

Combine IT Procurement with IT Consulting

Power Consulting has more than 25 years of experience supporting the IT needs of New York City’s finest law and financial firms, educational institutes, and not-for-profit organizations.

This experience has equipped us to understand the unique business, technology, and regulatory needs of many companies of varying sizes, including small and medium-sized organizations.

These needs include standard IT equipment and supplies, such as systems, accessories, software and network devices. We do this all day, every day, saving businesses time, frustration, and money. Experience such as ours is required for properly specifying the right product, avoiding errors in ordering, returns, and restocking fees.

In addition, our IT procurement services will ensure that your hardware and software purchases align with your industry’s security and compliance requirements. By integrating these aspects to your IT procurement from the onset, you’ll benefit from long-term savings in cost and risk while receiving bundled professional services from a team of experts.

Implementation Services

Power Consulting offers implementation services that dovetail with your hardware and software purchases. We can pre-configure systems prior to shipping, according to management/user needs, or configure and implement them at your business location. This ensures that your investment is put to use immediately, and your team is back to full productivity as soon as possible

For larger businesses, Power Consulting can develop a procurement strategy to replace systems cyclically, based on purchase dates or warranties. We can provide equipment leasing programs with top IT financing companies that can help your business grow by replacing old and out of warranty equipment for a fractional monthly fee. We’ll handle system removal, replacement, and recycling, all with friendly, helpful, and respectful user interaction and assistance with an eye towards maximizing your productivity through performance.

IT Procurement Services


By using Power Consulting’s hardware asset management services, you’ll have each of your new (and existing) phones, laptops, workstations, and/or printers tagged and closely monitored for device health, updates, and optimization. Through our hardware asset run-time agent, Power Consulting can not only track and inventory every piece of hardware in your organization, we can also provide comprehensive reports for budgeting, asset review, employee productivity, system productivity, and others. In addition, we’ll secure your company’s data from device loss and/or theft through system tracking, user policy enforcement, remote-wipe, and more.


With Power Consulting’s software asset management support, your software library will be free of improper licensing/non-compliance risks, redundancies and security vulnerabilities. Through our comprehensive reports you can identify how your software is allocated, what versions are installed on your network, how software is utilized throughout the organization, and how often employees are using these critical assets. By understanding the workflow and software requirements of your staff, your firm will become more efficient and effective in their productivity and output.

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