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Sick of Unresponsive IT Support that Fails to Understand and Solve Your IT Problems?

Power Consulting’s NYC IT support services & helpdesk provide responsive around-the-clock assistance for any IT problem, so your team can focus on their work and producing results.

Power Consulting NYC IT support company offers these advantages:

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24/7 availability of IT support and helpdesk services


Instant and courteous call pickup with guaranteed support service levels.


Fixed rates for IT Services and unlimited issue response

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We’ll respond within one business day

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We’ve built and manned the helpdesks for the leading companies of New York City. From Fortune 500 to small and medium businesses, we bring over 25 years of experience providing IT support.

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NYC IT Support & Helpdesk Solutions

24/7 IT Support in NYC

Our IT helpdesk operates from New York City. We’re available 24×7 to respond to and support any IT issue affecting your company. From the moment you call us, our courteous staff will instantly pick-up and proceed to resolve your problem.

Our objective is to ensure that your daily business operations run without a hitch. Building upon our experience with New York’s leading businesses, we’ve opted to provide only one tier to our client – i.e. a single full-service IT tech support offering

Escalated NYC IT Support Services

Every now and then, extraordinary technology issues occur that require escalation to senior engineers. Power Consulting’s help desk is backed by a deep and seasoned technical team. Our talented engineers hold every important industry credential and certification and can handle virtually any technology challenge.

From the most routine request (“I can’t print!”) to the gravest emergencies (“We have no power!”), Power Consulting helpdesk and escalated support services will lead your company back to connectivity, productivity, and success.

On-site NYC IT Support

There’s a limit to how much support can be provided remotely. Power Consulting can escalate support requests to on-site visits when remote support is not enough. We will deploy an experienced engineer, or team of engineers, as needed to handle your crisis.

Ticket Tracking and Metrics

You can track the status of your ticket through our online portal. Tickets can be sorted by status, time, resolution, etc. Weekly and monthly ticket counts and periodic review of repeat issues is very valuable to finding ways to reduce tickets and improve support quality.

Periodic ticket review is part of Power Consulting’s standard support contract.

Get back to work!

Truly, that’s all our clients want, to be able to perform effectively at work, make the most of their day, not waste time, and go home at a decent hour. Power Consulting IT support services makes that possible.

Don’t burn precious time and money dealing with poor IT support

A Partner to Call, So You Can Get Back To Business

Files, printers, computers, and networks continuously change and eventually fail. When that happens, work can come to a screeching halt. That’s when technology, instead of being an aid to productivity, becomes an obstacle. That’s when you need one of our IT support specialists standing by to help you through a bad patch, to recover a file, or connect to a program or system you need.

NYC IT Support for
Businesses Large and Small

We understand that small businesses and organizations generally lack the resources to build and manage a robust internal IT team, especially one with a strong helpdesk with actual ability and experience to resolve daily IT issues.

Power Consulting helpdesk operations let small businesses and organizations access the same level and quality of support that Fortune 500 companies enjoy.

Our managed IT support services will equip your small business or organization with the right expertise and capacity to properly manage your IT needs. There’s no need to worry – just lift your hands from the wheel and let us handle the IT so that you can focus on your business.

Stay Secure
with Cybersecurity Services

Prevent and respond to breaches with Power Consulting’s managed IT security services as part of our Power Managed Care solution. In addition to helpdesk support, we provide around the clock coverage for all of your cybersecurity needs.

As part of our 24/7 system monitoring, we aim to boost your business’ security standards and awareness. Our team of security experts can keep you safe from hacking, malware and spam, virus, and Internet intrusion.

Power Consulting
IT Helpdesk Support in NYC

Our IT Support & Helpdesk offering includes:

  • Instant call pick-up
  • 1 hour technician response time
  • 4 hour emergency services onsite at your business
  • Active reporting with remote IT support

Managed IT Services
and Support for Any Industry

We’ve been operating from New York City for over 25 years. We have tackled the IT issues of some of the world’s leading companies. In the fields of law, finance, design, non-profit, and education, we’ve built decades of experience understanding the unique IT realities and needs of many diverse companies.

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