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Authentication Services

You Need to Lock Down Your Passwords and Prevent Unauthorized User Profiles, Application Installs and Data Usage.

Deploy a complete two-factor authentication strategy in your company’s key IT assets — such as email, servers, CRM and accounting software — to prevent cyber threats from emerging.

Our comprehensive multifactor authentication (MFA) planning involves the following:

IT Support

A complete cyber security package tailored to your IT needs and resources at a fixed monthly-rate.


Offerings include single sign-on, mobility management and universal directories.


Multi-step authentication solutions for your email, apps and other information assets.


Secure and redundant SOC-2 compliant data centers to securely host client data.


Service desk support with instant pick-up and guaranteed service levels.


$2 million in cyber security insurance coverage for cybersecurity incidents.

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Ensure Your Mobile Phones, User Accounts and Cloud Storage are Secure via Industry Standard Authentication

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Feel at Ease Deploying a Large Device Fleet

Power Consulting’s two-factor authentication rollout will ensure that your mobile device fleet is protected from illicit access.

We Equip Your Business with Industry Standard Authentication Methods to Ensure Compliance, Reliability and Performance


Deploy a two-step verification system that verifies the identity of all authorized users


Integrate all assets secured by multi-factor authentication system into an easy to access portal


Use a secure single sign on (SSO) for multiple applications and multiple credentials across the enterprise.

Multifactor Authentication Services

Single Sign-On

Your staff can use secure single sign-on (SSO) to access multiple applications. You can support SSO with a range of authentication options. For management, SSO includes a self-service administrator portal.

Mobility Management

In addition to securing each of your mobile devices, use our mobility management services to ensure that only the right staff are getting access to your apps and data.

You can do this through contextual access management, directory and app integration and core enterprise mobility management.

Device lifecycle management services will ensure that in-service and decommissioned devices are kept in full working order and away from unauthorized hands.

Universal Directory

A universal directory equips you to manage authentication, authorization and device management for all of your users.

It serves as ‘one source of truth’ regarding the access rights given to each of your employees (enabling you to readily find and reverse unauthorized access or activities).

MFA Packages for Companies of Every Size

You can pick from multiple Security as a Service (SECaaS) solutions, each tailored to handle the unique IT needs of businesses according to their industry, size and operational needs.

All Security as a Service offerings — include Multi-Factor Authentication solutions and deployment, regardless of business size.

In addition to deploying MFA, each solution provides regularly scheduled vulnerability scanning and tests for functionality and compliance purposes.

Deploy MFA Across Your Entire Company

You can deploy multi-factor authentication for email, applications and other user accounts. Our MFA services include hardware, token-based MFA via smart cards, text messages and others.

Device Support

Leverage our Mobile Device Management (MDM) services to:

  • Enforce company or organizational policies on all staff devices.
  • Ensure that your MFA deployment is implemented correctly.

Securely Leverage Cloud-Based MFA

Power Consulting is equipped to house your MFA system from its SOC-2 compliant data centers.

In addition to airtight protection of your MFA suite, private cloud hosting also ensures that your MFA is reliable and compliant with industry regulatory requirements (e.g. NY DFS).

You can also stop maintaining legacy MFA software. Our cloud services make wide-scale MFA deployment (e.g. provisioning or deprovisioning, enrolling, etc) a seamless process.

Use our private cloud services to host your universal directory and, in turn, ensure that it cannot be tampered with in any way.

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