Cyber Security Consulting Services

Are You Unsure how to Protect Your IT Environment from Cyber Threats?

Use Power Consulting’s cyber security consulting services to identify your IT security risks and deploy an integrated security program to protect your hardware, software, data and networks.

Leveraging us as your IT security consulting firm to achieve the following:

IT Support

Audit your IT system to uncover vulnerabilities.


Design an IT security system built on your exact needs and resource constraints.


Comprehensive IT security training for your staff.


Ensure your IT security system and processes meet compliance standards.


Regularly scheduled phish testing and vulnerability scans.


Support in forming and reviewing company cyber security policies.

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Power Consulting’s Information Security Consulting Services Simplify IT Security Management

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Are IT Security Problems Causing Operational Inefficiencies?

Leverage Power Consulting as your IT security consulting company to build actionable solutions to resolve your cyber security problems.

Tailor Your IT Security Needs to Your Business’ Unique Needs

Power Consulting’s IT security consulting services equip you with actionable insights:

A technology roadmap for meeting your regulatory compliance requirements.

A clear and documented understand how current and emerging cyber threats impact your small-medium size business.

A clearly documented plan to  secure your hardware, software, data and other IT assets.

Count on Power Consulting as Your Cyber Security Consulting Firm

Leverage our cyber security consulting services to achieve the following for your small to medium size business:


Build a detailed discovery of your cyber security vulnerabilities in terms of your hardware, software, network and cloud assets.


Gain objective data and insights about the current state of your company’s cyber security readiness.

We help you get organizational buy-in by providing reports you can present to upper management, shareholders and other stakeholders.

We also help you design and implement cyber security plans.

Securely deploy your burgeoning data to the cloud without compromising security, stability, reliability or compliance.

Identify solutions to keep your web-hosted apps and disaster recovery backups secure.

You can also have your system monitored to identify stolen or compromised login details — i.e. prevent breaches. This scanner can also be integrated to your CRM.

Build awareness of how to use virtual private networking (VPN) to make remote access of your desktop and other IT systems secure.

We build a roadmap for securing your internet connectivity, emails and other communications.

Hardware and Software Consulting

We equip you to manage the following:

  • Your growing hardware (e.g. workstations, laptops, mobile phones, etc) fleet.
  • Secure your employee-owned devices in BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) environments.
  • Implement Mobile Device Management to securely provision and deprovision laptops, tablets and phones.
  • Device lifecycle management with security as the central priority (in order to keep your confidential assets functional and secure).

Internal Process

We help you plan for the following:

  • Building efficient access control policies to ensure security and maintain performance.
  • Securely on-board and off-board employees with properly administered access controls.

Set Policies
and Train Employees

Form end-user policies to establish rules and limits on the use of company devices by your staff.

This will help prevent your employees from putting the device at-risk by prohibiting them from installing outside applications.

Combine with end-user cyber security awareness education and training.

Doing so will help your staff recognize and prevent attempted phishing attacks and abide your business’ end-user policies.

A weak password test suite will also be provided to guide your employees into setting strong passwords.

Identify and Prepare for Every Cyber Risk
Threatening Your Company