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Business Continuity Services & Consulting

Worried about IT Failure Forcing Your Business Operations to a Halt?

Power Consulting’s business continuity and resiliency services equip you to overcome any IT failure and restore your business operations in short order.

By leveraging Power Consulting’s business continuity services, you’ll secure the following:


Access to SOC-2 compliant data centers for securely storing data and backups.


Preventative cybersecurity monitoring to stop breaches and cyber attacks.


Business Continuity planning, recommendations, projects, updates, and periodic testing.

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Power Consulting leverages 25 years of experience as a business continuity managed services provider, especially in industries involving mission critical IT assets.

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Business Continuity Consulting, Services & Solutions

Overcome Any System Failure

Power Consulting’s business continuity & disaster recovery services equip your business with an IT team, a bullet-proof private cloud, and proven processes to survive and function through virtually any disaster, whether natural or man-made. Our systems and data center are state-of-the-art, but preparation and testing are the keys to successful business continuity planning. This takes time and long-term thinking. Based on your business priorities, Power Consulting’s business continuity consultants will create and implement this plan for you.

We ensure the availability of skilled staff, assign accountable personal for reporting and managing, and provide the actual means to restore your hardware and software if anything goes awry. This covers all facets of your business, including workstations, laptops, printers, servers, applications, and your data.

Comply with Your Industry’s Regulations

We are understand that you are accountable for how you secure your data. Our experience with the top competitors in finance, law, education, and other industries ensures that not only are you compliant with industry regulations, but that your customers are as well.

For instance, you and your clients’ data is securely stored in our HIPAA-compliant data centers in New Jersey and California. This not only guarantees compliance with every regulation affecting your business, but it also serves as a secure asset for recovery in your business continuity efforts.

Our expert staff can help with meeting the comprehensive requirements of these regulations:

  • Privacy regulations such as: GDPR
  • Security regulations such as: HIPAA, PCI
  • Finance cybersecurity regulations such as: SEC

Business Continuity Preparation

It’s not enough to just be prepared for a disaster; rather, your business continuity plan must also include preventative processes and tools as well.

As your business continuity managed services provider, we’ll do around-the-clock monitoring of your cloud, hardware, network and software assets. In addition, we’ll also frequently test your IT system and push the necessary updates and fixes to guarantee secure and performance.

We know not all IT realities are the same. Businesses, especially in different industries, face a unique set of compliance, market and other realities. We’ll tailor your business continuity plan – from preparation to recovery – to your company’s unique needs and resources.

Use Our Partnerships

The effectiveness of your business continuity strategy rests on the quality and reliability of your hardware, software and services. You can take advantage of Power Consulting’s partnerships with the IT industry’s leading OEMs, including Microsoft, VMWare and others, to cost-effectively access the best IT solutions. You can pair your business continuity planning with your long-term IT purchasing needs as well.

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