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Digital Agency IT Services and Support

Get total IT management from a provider that has over 25 years of experience working with digital agencies.

Never Again Leave Your Data Vulnerable or Let Software Licenses Lapse With Our Digital Agency IT Services

Work with a managed service provider with decades of experience supporting digital agencies, ensuring maximal cybersecurity, data protection, and productivity.

Why choose Power Consulting for digital agency IT solutions?

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Put an end to costly, protracted downtime with a 50% reduction of IT issues on average across your entire IT stack.

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Get expert file management services including data backup, storage, archiving, and collaboration tools.

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Ensure your data is always protected with disaster recovery, virtualization, and business continuity solutions.

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Count on guaranteed quality with SLAs that define what you can expect from our services.

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Optimize your systems benefiting both your internet performance and computer performances.

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Maximize your workflow efficiency with a customized workflow management solution.

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Get support 24/7/365 helpdesk services and in-field technicians based in Manhattan ready to tackle even the most complicated IT obstacles.

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Agencies Rely on Power Consulting for IT Digital Agency Services

Power Consulting Group is a remarkable group of talented people who know a great deal about the IT services business, and care a great deal about “your” IT services business.

Patrick Burns
Autotask VP, Product Management

We went through a number of recent emergencies with the last two major storms. In each of these cases Power Consulting was there for us, and to help lead and ensure that Springer Publishing was up and running, and also had a plan for the future.

Jeff Meltzer
Springer Publishing

Power Consulting is a fast and reliable service that helps me figure out a problem without having to wait a whole day for a tech. I love how after you put in a ticket you get an reply that our ticket was opened and soon after you get a live person to help!

Danielle P.
Education Client

Power Consulting

Digital Agency IT Solutions

127 W 26th St 8th floor,
New York, NY 10001

Request a Quote: 855.250.4634

Agencies Benefit When They Work With Power Consulting

Premier Digital Agency IT Solutions

Develop a Personalized IT Plan

We’ve worked with some of the largest agencies and studios in New York and we know that no two are exactly alike. 

That’s why our services are never one-size-fits-all. 

We’ll work to understand your business and build a customized IT plan and roadmap from the ground up, with services including:

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Cloud-based video production
  • Software licensing management
  • Secure onboarding and offboarding users/systems
  • Workflow efficiency improvements
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business continuity planning
  • Storage management and archiving
  • Hardware/Software procurement
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) and security
  • And more

We’ll also work to create high-performing systems with routine maintenance and enhancements across your entire IT. This will leave your computers and internet performing better than ever.

Relieve Your Team of Its IT Burden

Stop struggling with persistent IT issues that slow down productivity and impair growth. 

Our full-service IT management will ensure that your infrastructure never again gets in the way of your workflow. 

With our outsourced IT for digital agencies, you can rely on support across your entire IT stack:

  • Network management
  • Hardware and software management
  • Cloud management
  • Managed cybersecurity
  • Network management
  • And more

We’ll perform an audit that highlight vulnerabilities and inefficiencies in your IT environment and work quickly to resolve them at their root.

Be Fully Protected in All Situations

As a digital agency, your data is the lifeblood of your business. We understand that, and that’s why we’ll develop a robust business continuity and disaster recovery plan so your agency will never again be vulnerable to major data loss. 

Our services will help store and preserve files that are too big to easily store on the cloud or are left vulnerable on physical harddrives. 

Power Consulting protects your digital assets even in the worst case scenarios, like a data breach or natural disaster. Benefit from advanced business continuity planning (BCP) services:

  • Comprehensive disaster recovery
  • Managed backups 
  • Secured, redundant data centers
  • High-level risk assessments
  • IT redundancy
  • And more

Preserve your agency’s stellar reputation for excellence by protecting your clients’ data. Our BCP services are second to none and ensure that you’ll always be protected.

Safeguard Against Cyber Threats

To malicious online actors, not only is your business a target of their attacks, but also the valuable data of your clients. 

But we make sure that your environment is totally protected with routine vulnerability testing and 24/7/365 network monitoring. We proactively detect and eliminate cyber threats before they can harm your business. 

We also support your agency with secure onboarding and offboarding protocols, ensuring that your private data is protected at all times and that new hires/freelancers won’t leave your systems exposed. 

Work with us to develop a safe system where multiple users can use the same computer without any privacy risks.

Manage All Your Files, Big and Small, Effortlessly

In a deadline-fueled environment, you need collaboration tools that allow you to seamlessly work together on a single file without issue. 

Whether your platform is Teams, Google Workspace, or another provider, we’ll optimize it and make it more intuitive and easy to use. 

And you can enhance your team’s skills with training on how to get the most out of these platforms. 

We’ll design a collaboration environment that achieves all your needs while providing the training necessary to help your team take full advantage. 

We’ll complement all this with a customized workflow management solution that helps you manage all your files with ease and increases productivity.

Benefit From Total Software Licensing Management

With each new hire, you need to expand your software license to support them. Every moment they spend without a license, your business wasting time and losing out on productivity.

But with our support, we’ll acquire licenses, install the software, bring in third-party support when needed, and ensure that your new hires are able to quickly access the appropriate applications.

Work With a Partner That Fully Understands Your Industry Needs

We’ll eliminate protracted downtime and reduce recurring issues.

Our Digital Agency IT Solutions Have a Track Record of Success

Monitoring and support for your entire infrastructure
Faster remediation times than competitors
Reduction of IT issues within 3 months of signing.

Get Premier IT Solutions For Your Digital Agency IT Systems