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Remote Monitoring and Control


Real-time updates about the security and performance of your IT Infrastructure

At Power Consulting, we ensure that your IT systems and operations are consistently up-to-date, all while preventing disruptions from impacting your business.

Our remote IT infrastructure monitoring and management services provide your cloud assets with the following essentials:


Complete remote monitoring of your devices, applications and networks.


A 24/7 state of the art Network Operating Center


Transparent data visibility with our custom dashboards


Leverage all types of cloud ecosystems with our hybrid cloud system monitoring


Optional cybersecurity add-on for 24/7 coverage and response capability


Private cloud monitoring using our secure SOC-2 compliant data center

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Remote Network Monitoring and Management Services

Networks are “living” structures that continually change due to new hardware, software, users, and network connections, as well as regular software updates. Like a patient’s vital signs, these changes must be continually monitored.

Power Consulting’s remote monitoring and management services will prevent disruptions in your IT system – and your operations – via intensive remote monitoring of your hardware, applications and networks. Should issues arise, our expert IT team will push the critical updates and patches necessary to keep your IT system running.

Your network must be monitored 24/7. Critical events,such as backup, must occur at regular intervals to ensure data protection and business continuity, and IT support must be notified immediately about any downtime events. Regardless of the time of day, whether it be peak business hours or in the middle of the night, your network needs to be constantly monitored against potential hackers and malware attempting to penetrate your network.

With Power Consulting’s system monitoring services and tools, you will have the peace of mind knowing that every key network activity is being watched and reported on closely.

Network Operations Center

Our 24/7 Networks Operations Center and Secure Private Cloud environment provide the Business Continuity backbone for many major businesses.

Even with secure and state of the art network monitoring software and hardware, human judgement and experience is needed to back it up. Our NOC is staffed 24/7 with experienced specialists who provide the human oversight and immediate response to monitoring incidents.

The objective of around-the-clock network monitoring is to catch any problems that arise and remediate the problem as soon as possible. Monitoring is meaningless if it isn’t followed by immediate action. Our 24/7 NOC is equipped with system monitoring tools capable of tasks such as automatically creating and dispatching job tickets.

Additionally, our NOC services provide an added level of confidence for your business by individually verifying that server backups and security patches are completed successfully.

Complete Visibility with our Dashboards

We provide system monitoring to many organizations with IT departments that lack professional monitoring tools or 24/7 response support capabilities.

IT managers want to be able to check monitoring status themselves at any time. We provide them with their own active view of our hybrid system monitoring dashboard and equip them with the ability to tweak monitoring and reporting parameters.

Hybrid Cloud System Monitoring

As business’ begin to leverage cloud environments, their IT ecosystems have become hybrid – you may have servers in-house as well as in different data centers. That means for a single business we may be monitoring servers in public clouds like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, in-house, and in private cloud.

Power Consulting’s remote monitoring and management brings together real-time information from far-flung sources to ensure your business is running smoothly, no matter the cloud environment.

Managed Security Monitoring

The gold standard of security monitoring is active or real-time monitoring that allows for a real-time response to a network intrusion. This is, unsurprisingly, expensive, but it provides the most active possible protection and the greatest likelihood of successful defense.

Whether real-time security monitoring is appropriate is relative to the value of the assets being protected. Power Consulting will consult with you to determine the appropriate cybersecurity monitoring solution for your business.

Power Consulting typically provides managed IT security monitoring as part of a suite of security services that includes multi-factor authentication, firewall monitoring, anti-virus, and more. Our layered approach to cybersecurity allows you to increase protection incrementally.

Private Cloud and Managed Monitoring Services

Power Consulting’s HIPAA-compliant data centers add an additional level of assurance and peace of mind for companies who want to guarantee business continuity. Our data centers provide secure hosting and disaster recoveryplatforms. When physical systems fail, and when power fails, Power Consulting personnel are at the data center to replace it and can physically access your data even in the case of regional power outage. Power Consulting Private Cloud and Remote Monitoring Services are complementary.

Whether to host your applications, store sensitive information or provide a platform for disaster recovery, you can confidently rely on Power Consulting private cloud hosting services.

With Power Consulting, there’s no need to struggle with complicated cloud services licenses, high-cost expenditure or need for skilled, but scarce, talent. We’ve got you covered.

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