People You Can Trust

Meet Our Leadership Team

With an unwavering passion to help your people succeed, years of technical experience backed by our custom solutions, process and unparalleled customer service, we deliver every time.

Chris Power

Chris Power

Chris Power is the founder and CEO of Power Consulting Group, Inc., a New York IT Managed Services firm with a focus on technology for non-profits and education. Chris started the company in 1992, fresh out of grad school, when he discovered that many IT departments communicate poorly with the business managers they served. Helping people and organizations achieve their goals through technology and training has been the company’s guiding principle from the very start.

Gary Power

As Co-Founder, COO and Director of Client Services, Gary provides strategic leadership in developing and supervising the deployment of IT managed services to Power Consulting’s clients. A 25 year expert in the outsourced IT industry, Gary has fulfilled a wealth of roles from trainer to engineer, consultant, client manager and director. He has received numerous certifications and accreditation’s within the IT field.

Jason LaPorte

Jason LaPorte

Jason LaPorte is the CTO/CISO of a leading New York MSP/MSSP, Power Consulting Group. He is a highly qualified hands on Technology Officer with more than 20 years of information technology and cyber security experience. Deep experience in start-up, turnaround and high growth companies that provide technology consulting and cyber security services.

We’re Not Just Colleagues, We’re Family

There’s nothing better than doing the job you love, surrounded by people you care about. That’s why we always treat everyone in the team as part of our own family.

We put complete trust in every one of our team members so you can, too. Our key objective is to build a team of caring, compassionate and dedicated people that our clients can count on. We ensure that anyone joining our team shares our core values of honesty, integrity, and hard work.

We Never Stop Learning

We truly believe there is no expiration date on learning. We strive to learn something new every day, whether it’s the latest hacking techniques or new technology solutions. Every week we hold fun, productive and interactive classes with our teams and expect each member to pay it forward to our clients.

We encourage each member of our teams to expand their knowledge…on our expense! Every employee is entitled to attend seminars/workshops/trainings of their desire to support their work.

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