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Security Architecture
Design Services

Don’t Let IT Security and Compliance Gaps Put Your Business at Risk of Costly Problems

Use our security architecture design services to address every IT security and compliance issue right from the start.

Include these essential solutions to the core of your cyber security architecture and design:


Security consulting to identify IT security and compliance issues in your IT system.


Regularly scheduled vulnerability scans of your entire IT system.


Regularly conducted phish and penetration tests against your IT system.


End user training for your staff to implement cyber security best practices.


Insurance of your IT security system in case of emergency or cyber security disaster.


Review and upkeep of your IT security policies for compliance purposes.

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A Step-by-Step Audit of Your Current Hardware, Software, Cloud
and Network Security Architecture Design will Identify Risks

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Tolerating Non-Compliance Means Risking Costly Penalties

You need help designing security architecture solutions that remove cyber security and compliance risks from your IT.

Regular Vulnerability Scans

Your SMB can instantly leverage 20+ years of IT solutions experience via Power Consulting. Get the expertise relevant to your cyber threats and resource realities.

Review Your Existing Architecture

Find cyber security weaknesses, compliance issues and other gaps in your existing system architecture.

In fact, compliance will be at the center of every review. In addition to common IT issues (e.g. secure devices), you’ll also get clear insights about the security of your overall IT infrastructure.

IT infrastructure insights include advice about physical security (e.g. electronic door access to server rooms), network security, database security, cloud security and others.

Get Actionable Solutions

Don’t let your cyber security efforts stall due to hefty procurement bills.

Instead, consider our Security as a Service (SECaaS) solutions. These are end-to-end cyber security suites designed to handle SMB needs — and within SMB resources (i..e a fixed, monthly-rate).

Stay Centered on Compliance

Get expertise that can draw on real and successful IT solution work in finance, law, health, education and other regulated industries.

In addition to identifying your cyber security gaps, you’ll also find your compliance weaknesses, especially in terms of the GDPR, SOX, PCI, HIPAA, SEC, NYDFS and NYCCR.

Close compliance gaps with actionable solutions, e.g. access to our SOC-compliant data centers, training on best cyber security practices, and device and end-user account management support.

Leverage Security as a Service (SECaaS)

Guarantee both your cyber security needs and compliance requirements from the beginning through our SECaaS solutions.

Designed for the size and needs of your SMB, use our SECaaS solutions to handle each and every one of your cyber security needs.

There’s no need for hefty capital expenditure (CAPEX) when you can get complete cyber security coverage at a predictable monthly flat-rate fee.

Our SECaaS solutions include:

  • Regular Penetration or Breach Testing
  • Phishing and Ethical Hack Tests
  • Regular Reporting
  • Cyber Policy Development and Review Support
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Cyber Security Training

Don’t Skip Mission Critical Processes

Technology isn’t the only piece to security architecture design; you need ironclad processes to guide your staff and actions. We provide:

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP). DLP is for keeping information within your business and ensuring that it doesn’t leak to the outside. We block data uploads to unauthorized cloud services (such as OneDrive or Dropbox), send by personal email or USB.
  • Support with internal auditing and building audit trails to see who has access to what and follow how data is being managed.

Be Prepared to Handle Breaches

There’s always the risk of a successful breach. But what matters is how you respond and the measures you have in place for disaster recovery.

With Power Consulting, you’ll be equipped through navigate through an IT security breach with the following emergency measures:

  • Secure SOC-compliant data centers to store data backups you can quickly restore to incase of a breach.
  • Remediation services to respond to cyber security breaches.
  • Cyber security insurance.

Use Safe & Compliant Cloud Solutions

You need backups of your data, applications, web and other assets in secure cloud environments.

Power Consulting’s HIPAA and SOC-compliant data centers are fully available to hose your mission critical assets.

These enterprise-grade data centers benefit from industry-standard processes so as to ensure uptime, availability and security.

In addition, there are multiple sites (California and New Jersey), which guarantees redundancy and ability to distribute data. Moreover, there is a 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) in-charge.

Besides hosting data and guaranteeing disaster recovery, our private cloud hosting is also available for virtualization, virtual machines, web applications and remote, encrypted connectivity.

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