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End User Security Support


Hackers are targeting your employees 24/7/365 to steal your bank accounts, customer data and intellectual property.

We’ll remove every single cyber weakness from your employees with training, cyber security systems and proven processes — well before any cyber criminal can harm your business.

Close-off hackers by providing your end-users with these critical defensive capabilities…

IT Support

Avoid falling for social engineering (phishing, spear phishing, etc) attacks with our expert training


Stop viruses and other attacks from even reaching your staff with advanced network filtering.


Stop employees from misusing IT assets (and making you vulnerable) by implementing cyber use policies.

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One wrong click will lock you out of your computers — and drive your business operations to a halt

It’s a pain to recover from a ransomware attack. So let’s prevent it by training your employees to spot attacks from a mile away. And, in case of a wrong click, well implement advanced cyber security systems to halt the attack.

Stop your staff from wiring money to thieves

We get it. Cyber criminals have gotten really good at spoofing emails and making them seem legitimate. It’s scary – and almost anyone can fall for these scams by handing over personal information or money.

That’s why you need our cyber security training program.

It will equip your staff with the expertise they need to stop these malicious messages before any harm is done to your business.

Block harmful traffic before it’s seen

Use our network security services to filter-out internet traffic (which includes emails, web pages and messages) from high-risk internet sources. You can even block-out entire countries and ensure that only safe and familiar traffic crosses by your employees’ eyes.

It’s enough trouble dealing with hackers, don’t let employee negligence be a threat too

We’ll help you write and enforce cyber use policies that will prevent your employees from browsing questionable websites, sharing passwords to company WiFi with family or friends, and other negligent behavior.

This will drastically reduce your company’s exposure to cyber risk.

Ensure your smartphones and computers aren’t weaknesses to be exploited

Mistakes happen, so it’s vital that you let us equip your laptops and workstations with active anti-virus software.

This will isolate virus installs away from your core system, freeing precious time to pull the infected computer out of your network and clean it of malware.

Our mobile device management will see that lost or stolen employee devices don’t become threats. We’ll remotely remove your business data and apps in short-order.

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Let us transform your staff from cyber-attack-liabilities into cyber-security-assets