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IT Projects

Periodically punctuating the background noise of IT work – support, maintenance, management – are IT projects. These can be exciting new initiatives designed to move the business forward – or basic information gathering, recommendations, and upgrading existing systems. Scheduling a meeting with Power Consulting means that you will have a detailed, written recommendation from a team of experts to convert that idea into an actionable plan.

IT Consulting Projects

We use experience, time-tested procedures, and great project-management tools to ensure your project goes smoothly from conception to delivery. In the IT consulting phase we learn about the client’s business goals. We develop a detailed statement of work and rollout plan. We involve clients in project planning, asking for their participation or attendance in final planning sessions. We follow check-list after check-list to make sure no detail is forgotten.

Need Help Managing Your IT Projects?

Projects Expanded Group Services

  1. Planning and project management
  2. Vendor Management
    1. ISP Expertise
    2. Phone System Vendors
  3. Relocation & Move Assistance
    1. Server Room Builds
  4. Staff Augmentation
    1. Vacation Coverage
    2. Temporary Staffing
  5. Interactive Media Solutions
    1. A/V Solutions
    2. Interactive Digital Whiteboards
    3. Video Production Support
    4. Multimedia Presentations & Design
  6. Creative Media
    1. Art & Design Dept. Support
    2. Communications and Press Release Support
  7. Virtualization Solutions

Case Studies