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Virtual CIO Consulting

You Need Virtual CIO Services to Stop IT Issues from Draining Your Time and Budget.

Today, every business, small and large, needs professional IT direction.

The strategy of most businesses depend on it. Owners and managers need to know the best mix of technologies for their business, and have complexity – including IT vendors – managed for them. This is the purpose of our VCIO services.

Smart businesses outsource what they can’t do best. Power Consulting manages every aspect of IT, from IT support to IT strategic planning, with our VCIO leading the charge.

All VCIO services are included in our standard Power Managed Care contract.

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How Our Virtual CIO Services Remove Costly Inefficiencies

Your virtual CIO first works with your company leaders to determine if your technology is in line with your business goals:

  1. Learn
    First your VCIO learns about the challenges and goals of your business, and about the systems being used today.
  2. Assess
    What processes or systems are not helping your mission. Which systems can be improved? Which systems can be gotten rid of or replaced? What training is needed?
  3. Plan
    A road map of IT recommendation and action plan for the next 24 months.
  4. Budget
    Your IT budget for the coming year.
  5. Report
    Regular reports about network health, systems, usage, support statistic, and other IT performance metrics key to your business.

With our virtual CIO consulting services, you will both identify and remove the IT issues that are stopping your business from reaching its revenue goals. Instead, with a combination of planning support, visibility, and technical guidance, your IT will become an asset in generating profit.

Virtual CIO Consulting Services

IT SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

Your virtual CIO consultant will help you boost your net-revenue by identifying potential cost escalation risks and promising opportunities in your IT system.

IT Roadmap and Action Plan

We’ll help your leadership procure only the hardware, software, and IT services your business needs to lower its costs, accelerate time-to-market, and increase profit.

Our virtual CIO services will ensure that your IT systems are kept up-to-date so that you are protected from costly cyber attacks and data breaches. In addition, your team will leverage software and hardware tools that boost its productivity.

IT Regulatory Compliance

Power Consulting’s CIO consulting services will also keep you in-tune with your industry’s regulatory landscape. Be it data privacy, cybersecurity or other areas, you will avoid costly penalties. You will also gain the confidence to make swift business decisions — i.e., not spend your valuable time or attention on the paperwork (we’ll handle that).

Annual IT Budget

Your virtual CIO will ensure that your IT budget doesn’t become a budget black hole.

Rather, you will gain complete visibility into IT spending so that you can map how every IT dollar contributes to lowering your total costs.

You will also find ways to optimize your IT spending so that you can lower expenditure while still maintaining, if not improving, your productivity and time-to-market.

Network Health Reports

Don’t let patchy internet access or a compromised network stall your staff from getting their work done. As part of our virtual CIO services, you will have full visibility of your network connectivity.

Your network health reports will help you rapidly identify issues with your network connectivity and resolve them so that your business returns to operating efficiently.

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