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IT Services for Law Firms

Transform Your Law Firm With Industry-Leading Technology.

Partner with a leading managed services provider that understands your law firms’ unique IT needs.

IT Support

Expect White Glove, VIP service for your partner and management team


Secure your IT environment, mobile devices, and users against cybersecurity breach.


Protect sensitive firm information and client data with our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.


Receive a comprehensive IT audit and security vulnerability assessment – included as part of our onboarding process.


Drive a seamless client experience with Power Consulting’s extensive expertise in legal IT.


Leverage the Cloud securely for remote work, system continuity, and Cloud-based applications (SaaS).

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Work with a team that has over 30+ years of experience in legal IT.

Our team works with you to find the perfect solution that makes your firm more secure, productive, and competitive.

IT Security

Information leaks will result in expensive legal problems. Let’s prevent that.

Be it attorney-client privilege or sensitive information about your law firm, you cannot afford any of that getting out.

In the event of a data leak, not only are you at risk of losing your clients, but your reputation will take a hit.

We’ll stop hackers, malicious insiders, and employee errors from putting your firm in danger.

Our IT security efforts start by examining your existing set-up to find gaps. We then close them with a combined package of end-user training, systems upgrades, and policy expansions.

Prevention is our mandate, but in case something slips through, we’ll equip you to stop threats before they harm your firm.

More on Our IT Services for Law Firms

Develop a Custom IT Plan

The legal industry is unique and complex and requires industry-specific IT solutions in order to maximize efficiency. With Power Consulting, you don’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Instead, we combine our years of legal IT experience with a comprehensive IT assessment that ensures we fully understand your business and how best to address its IT needs.

Our expert consulting services will build your IT roadmap from the ground up, covering everything from workflow improvements to network design to IT resolution and support. With us, your firm will benefit from:

  • A detailed 18-month IT blueprint developed within 90 days of signing
  • Workflow improvement 
  • Legal Cloud services and support – digital transformation
  • IT procurement and systems standardization
  • Cybersecurity and compliance
  • Mobile device support
  • And more

Get total relief from your IT burden with a dedicated vCIO who will manage and develop your firm’s IT strategic direction.

Reliable IT Management

Delegate the management of your law firm’s IT to a proven partner with over 30 years of experience working in the legal industry. 

Power Consulting will supply complete service for both vendor and project management. When you partner with us for outsourced IT for law firms, you can count on a comprehensive managed service that provides industry-best solutions for all your business processes:

  • Network and user management
  • Hardware and software management
  • Cloud management
  • Managed cybersecurity and compliance
  • Video/virtual deposition implementation and support
  • And more

Our thorough and in-depth Legal IT audit will work to identify gaps and needs in your environment. The audit will also consolidate and simplify your application and 3rd party software library, creating efficiencies and saving money on superfluous applications. 

Our team will be well-versed in your firm’s specific needs due to the extensive IT and security assessments that are part of our onboarding process. 

As your acting CIO, we take full responsibility for understanding your workflow,  and continuously seek to make improvements that boost security and productivity.

Be Prepared for All Eventualities


Keeping client information safe is critical to law firms. At Power Consulting, we provide business continuity solutions that ensure that data is never truly lost. 


Our advanced business continuity planning (BCP) services will help ensure your client data is protected through:

  • Managed backups 
  • Smooth failover to a comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) process
  • Secure, redundant data centers
  • Secure remote work capability for all users
  • A plan for team communication when disaster strikes.

Safeguard Your Critical Data 

Your law firm can’t afford to be vulnerable to a cybersecurity breach that could leave its client data exposed and its systems out of commission. 

Power Consulting’s CISSPs work to immediately identify and resolve security issues across your IT infrastructure. 

All of Power Consulting’s data centers are SOC-2 certified and provide your law firm with total security. Benefit from:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Multi-layered security (physical, system, network, user)
  • Cybersecurity training for all users
  • Ransomware protection 
  • Inventory of system images for immediate restoration in the event of a breach
  • Cloud cybersecurity 
  • Secure mobile device management

End-users are the most common point of entry for cyberattacks. Our cybersecurity professionals will identify gaps and educate users on how to rectify those vulnerabilities to ensure complete protection of your business.

Maintain and Meet All Regulations 

Partner with compliance officers that have over 20 years of legal-related IT experience. With Power Consulting, you will understand exactly what you need to prepare for any type of audit. Our compliance solutions ensure that you pass your audits and avoid expensive fines or reputational harm. 

With our expertise in the legal sector, we know exactly what it takes to maintain compliance with all relevant guidelines and mandates.

Reliable Vendor Management Services

Managing third-party vendors, applications and licenses, and computer and software procurement is a headache you don’t need.  

Power Consulting relieves the firm of all IT vendor management.   management by:

  • Leveraging our relationships with best-of-class providers.
  • Providing contract review and pricing pressure
  • Representing the firm’s interest in all negotiations
  • Providing end-to-end procurement and configuraton services
  •  Providing recommendatoins for best-of-class products
  • Evaluating emerging technologies

With so many types of third-party legal software available on the market today, our umbrella service identifies and eliminates redundancies within these providers, saving you money and time in the long run. 

Partner with Power Consulting and work with a single provider who manages your entire library. This accelerates depositions for more effective court reporting software, document retrieval speeds, media management, and more.

Round-the-Clock IT Support

We know that law firms rarely operate on a typical 9-to-5 schedule. That’s why our Legal IT support is available whenever you need them, no matter what day or time. 

Our help desk begin resolving your issue the second you report it. Never lose money waiting for third parties or higher-ups when experiencing an IT disruption.

In the event of an extraordinary IT issue, our team will escalate your IT ticket immediately to a senior engineer, ensuring rapid response and resolution times.

IT Support
for Law Firms

Your work shouldn’t get bogged down by misplaced documents or slow load times

You’ve got cutthroat competition.

So every minute saved in finding documents, opening emails, doing depositions or other tasks makes you all that much faster than your competitors in satisfying and adding clients.

We’ll help you build that competitive edge across your law firm’s processes so that you act quicker, and with better results.

Our IT Support for Law Firms in a Nutshell

Build a system that ensures that not a single document in your firm gets lost or is inaccessible to those who need it.

Ensure that you can retrieve or receive electronically stored information for your legal work in a timely manner.

Integrate your different apps (e.g. email) and systems to ensure that they load quickly, save properly, etc.

We’ll ensure that your staff isn’t left frustrated when using new and existing tools.

Ensure that work is being tracked and that your clients are being invoiced correctly and on time.

We’ll help you prevent buffering, delayed responses, and audio-video synchronization fails during depositions.

We’ll equip your staff to access documents, applications, and desktops from any location without harming your security.


Don’t let ill-timed IT hiccups put deadlines at risk.

You can’t afford IT issues impacting your legal team when they’re putting in overtime to win a legal case.

Our IT helpdesk is available when you need it, 24/7. We’ll always have someone available at the office to pick up the phone within minutes, and instantly start resolving any issues you’re facing.

Cloud Hosting
for Law Firms

Running out of space to store your growing legal document library?

Our cloud hosting services offer ample storage space for all of your law firm’s documents, case files, emails, and other information.

In fact, not only can you stop worrying about running out of space, but our disaster recovery services offer ease of mind by ensuring that all of you data is recoverable in case of a crash or cyber attack.

Mobile Device

Lost phones can jeopardize the trust your clients have in your firm

Lost and stolen phones are rich with your law firm’s data, which may include emails, confidential documents, and other information.

Should any of that leak, you’ll lose the trust of your existing clients and future, prospective ones.

But with our mobile device management services, we’ll render any lost or stolen phone useless by remotely deleting all of your data.

We’ll also configure your system to prevent unauthorized staff and contractors from seeing files or other data they shouldn’t.

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