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Hardware Asset Management

Having Trouble Keeping Your Devices Secure and Functioning?

Our IT hardware asset tracking and management services will keep your mobile, PC and other devices secure and operable so that you and your staff can work unhindered.

IT hardware asset management with Power Consulting:


Real-time and up-to-date Hardware Asset Tracking for all of your company devices


Mobile Device Management to remotely monitor, optimize and secure phones


Complete lifecycle management and support for your company devices

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Hardware Asset Management Tools

Inventory tracking

Fundamental to hardware lifecycle management is inventory. We quickly produce an inventory of all systems and software on any hardware. Our tools show the manufacturer’s serial number and system configuration for each computer, we categorize the systems by warranty expiration date, and create a report for when each system should be replaced.

Hardware Procurement

Power Consulting provides accurate, streamlined procurement and deployment services.

Take advantage of our 25+ years of experience matching business needs with IT products and services, as well as our partnerships with the leading manufacturers in the IT industry.

Professional IT Hardware Asset Management

Logistics & Deployment

Upon ordering new systems, the first questions you’ll be asking will be around how they will be deployed and if it can be done in a productive manner.

To avoid a torrent of support problems when those systems arrive, we configure them in advance for you. We set everything up according to your specifications at Power Consulting prior to shipping to your location.

Power Consulting can handle deployments of any complexity or size in any location. No matter the size of your company, it makes little sense to devote the time and energy to handling procurement and logistics. We’re experts and we do it every day. We have the knowledge, tools, and experience to make sure your system purchases and deployment is a success.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Whether employee cell phones are owned by the company or not, if they contain company information, they should be secured and managed. Your company must be able to remove its information from personal cell phones when employees leave the company, and you must be sure that any smartphone, tablet, or laptop is secure enough so that if it is lost or stolen, company data is secure.

This is the purpose of Mobile Device Management. Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) services offer the ability to enforce end-user policies on your hardware and shield your business and client data from leaks. We deploy best in class MDM software to manage all of our clients’ remote device security needs. In case of device loss, theft, or employee departure, we can secure or remote-wipe devices as needed.

Hardware Asset Management and Security

System tracking is an absolute necessity for security. Whether it be a server or PC that’s hosting a phone system or backup software, laptops that come and go, or old computers that were just kept around, these systems could host important company information and older data, and could easily go missing without being noticed.

Additionally, systems that are not tracked are not receiving software and security updates, and could compromise network security by providing easy access for hackers.

For all these reasons, systems must be tracked during their entire lifecycle, to ensure they have the latest security updates and company security policies.

Professionally Trained & Experienced Staff

Having supported the leading competitors in New York’s finance, law, non-profit, and education spaces, we know how businesses struggle with limited IT budgets. However, it would be a big mistake to assign inexperienced and unequipped staff as hardware asset managers.

Doing so will only put your costly hardware at increased risk of damage or loss, especially when issues arise that require a professionally trained and experienced hardware asset manager. You’ll only be adding to your costs, while doing nothing to improve your overall IT system’s efficiency.

With Power Consulting, you can leverage over 25 years of solid experience in hardware asset tracking experience to manage your hardware without taking unnecessary risks, complicating your situation, or increasing your hardware costs.

You Can Reduce Your IT Hardware Costs