IT Services & IT Consulting for Startups

Use our IT services & IT consulting for startups to quickly position yourself to grow and increase revenue.

Our IT services for startup companies help new industry players rapidly build the IT capabilities they need to build products, offer services and attract customers.

Power Consulting’s IT services for startups provide…


Managed IT services to stop tech issues from holding up your team from finishing their work.


Compliance consulting to prevent you from getting hit by fines and penalties.


Cybersecurity support to prevent criminals from hurting your business.

Our IT services for startups are a one-stop-shop for resolving critical IT challenges that are taking up way too much time.

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Managed IT Services

managed it services for startupsDon’t let costly and time-consuming IT issues define the day-to-day of your business — we’ll take care of it for you with our managed IT services

Be it setting-up new workstations, configuring your network or tackling day-to-day IT problems, we’ll keep your business systems running and your employees on-track with delivering your products and services.

Compliance Consulting Services

compliance consulting for startups

You can’t afford to get hit by costly fines and penalties, especially in the early days of your business.

But you don’t have the people or time to tackle it properly. Well, there’s no need to be stuck; talk to us and we’ll take care of all of your business’ data privacy and cybersecurity requirements with compliance testing and consulting, including HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, SOC2 and others.

Cybersecurity Support

cybersecurity for startupsBecause you’re a small business or startup, hackers might see you as an easier target than your bigger competitors.

Let’s prove them wrong!

Work with us to improve your cyber security, by encrypting all of your communications, shielding your data, keeping intruders out of your networks and computers free of viruses.

Private Cloud Hosting

private cloud hosting and disaster recovery for startups

Don’t let managing cloud data cause anxiety, overtime or hefty capital spending at your company. We have two fully-compliant, fully-managed data centres at your disposal.

We’ll handle the day-to-day challenges of securing your data and keeping your cloud assets running with expert cloud services (even during power outages or other bad days). You just focus on delivering to market.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

No matter how well protected you are, you’ve got to be prepared for the worst of days. We can help with our disaster recovery services, such as securely keeping copies or backups of your website, client information, etc.

Be it recovering from a cyber breach or fatal error, we’ll restore your entire IT system and get your business back on its feet in short order. Don’t let hackers have the last laugh.