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Software Asset
Tracking & Management

Don’t Let Expired and Redundant Software Assets Add to Your IT Costs

Power Consulting’s software asset tracking and management services will optimize your software licensing to reduce costs and guarantee compliance.

Power Consulting’s software asset tracking & management services provide the following benefits:


Remove redundancies in your software library to reduce costs.


Remove the risk of non-compliance or improper software use.


Keep your software up-to-date to ensure security and optimal performance.

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Our certified team will identify inefficiencies so that you both save on costs and get the maximum benefit out of your software.

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Complete Software Asset Tracking Services

Your company’s software library is a critical asset. Not only does it drive your daily operations in a growing number of ways, but the incorporation of new software capabilities can give you a real edge over your competition.

Power Consulting’s software asset tracking and management services provide comprehensive support for your software library.

  • We automate the tracking process to create a full view of your assets to help reduce costs
  • Reduce compliance risks
  • Ensure optimal performance

Don’t Let Common Software Issues Plague Your Business

Let our highly skilled team of IT specialists help you today with…

  • Improper or out-of-date software licenses
  • Insufficient updates
  • Technical problems that increase security risk

Software License Tracking

Improper and/or out-of-date software licensing is a major risk for your company. With budgets as tight as they already are, you can’t afford dealing with the legal penalties for unlicensed software and the related security costs.

Through our software license tracking services, we’ll ensure that:

  • Your software library meets all compliance regulations
  • You are using genuine and fully-supported copies of software
  • We’ll remove the risk of non-compliance and minimize your software library’s security vulnerabilities

Optimize Software Costs

By removing redundancies in your software licensing and closing compliance and security gaps, you’ll benefit from immediate cost-savings.
In addition to tracking software licenses, our services will optimize your software library so that you aren’t wasting valuable resources on licenses you do not need.

Just-in-time Software Deployment

Power Consulting will automatically deploy your software company-wide with stringent software deployment policies.

We work hand in hand with software asset tracking reports to create a truly automated. This identifies not just every application your users have, but what version each user is using.

Software shouldn’t be holding your business back.

Transform your software into a superstar.

Software Asset Budgeting Tool

Software asset management and tracking makes IT budgeting much easier. At a moment’s notice you can:

  • Review your firm’s entire software licenses investment
  • Review applications by…
    • Operating System (PC or Mac)
    • Business Unit
  • Create Reports based in…
    • License Renewal Dates
    • Warranty Dates
  • Determine your exact investment for the next year or multiple years

Power Consulting Offers End-to-End Software Asset Management Support

  • Software Procurement
  • Cataloging and Maintenance
  • Licensing and Compliance
  • Security and Upgrades

Leverage Industry Leading Software Partnerships

With Power Consulting, you get access to our tier-one partnerships with the IT industry’s leading OEMs like Microsoft. This allows you to receive the most cost-effective licensing terms for your unique needs.

Keep Your Software Assets Secure

While your software library is critical to your business operations, it’s also a potential conduit for cyber-attacks. You can close security vulnerabilities through Power Consulting’s software asset management services.

Through our automated license tracking software, we’ll ensure that your software assets are kept updated in alignment with current security standards.

Don’t Let Out-of-Date Software Increase

Your IT Security, Compliance and Operations Costs

What is Software Asset Tracking & Management?

Software is a company asset – it taxes your IT budgets and licensing is an ongoing need. Management of software cannot be handled haphazardly. Otherwise, there are real consequences to business cost, productivity, and security.


You may have dozens of untracked cloud applications running on your network.

Users downloading and running unapproved software poses a serious security risk. Management of your cloud apps is a vital part of software asset management.

Software Cataloguing

Software assets must be inventoried and tracked across numerous life cycles.

For example – Microsoft Office has received many new versions over the last 10 years. Companies can then have a problem where they are using multiple versions of the same software.

Software Licensing

Software asset tracking and management services ensure that every single piece of software that touches your organization is compliant in terms of users and licensing.

This involves informing IT managers about deployment requirements and the purchasing department about costs.

Budgetary Tool

With these services, IT managers are kept up-to-date with:

  • Deployment Requirements
  • Purchasing Life Cycles
  • Projected Future Costs
  • Future Budget Plans

Don’t Lose Control of Your Software.
Power Consulting Will Handle All of Your Software Needs.