Apple Macs Targeted!

The very first instance of ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) targeting MAC OS has been discovered for sale on the black market. This would allow cybercriminals to target Apple systems even with minimal tech skills.

Cyber security researchers at Fortinet were the first to make the discovery. The MacRansom is showcased on a TOR web portal and claims to be ‘the most sophisticated Mac ransomware ever’ and appears to be the first case of RaaR targeting Mac OS. Once the MacRansomware is triggered, it lock down files and demand 0.25 Bitcoins or an equivalent $700. It encrypts both com.apple.finder.plist and the original executable as well as altering the Time Date Stamp; this tactic renders the files useless even if recovered. The infection can only encrypt a maximum of 128 files. Researchers have noted that due to its limitation, it is not the most sophisticated compared to other OSX crypto-ransomware, but still capable of damage.

This proves that Macs may be less prone to malware infections than Windows based PCs, but by no means are they exempt from security threats. This is a wakeup call for Mac users to take the same precautions as PC owners when protecting their devices by using a reputable third party antivirus software.

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