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The Top 7 IT Staff Augmentation Benefits for Businesses


Making the decision to outsource your IT needs is not one to be taken lightly. It can be a difficult decision, fraught with questions about security, reliability, and cost. However, when you weigh all the benefits of staff augmentation against the alternatives, it’s hard to deny that partially outsourcing is the clear winner.

And with an overall global sector annual growth rate of 104% , clearly, somewhere, there’s a winning formula within the staff augmentation model.

In this blog post, we will explore 7 benefits of staff augmentation that make it the best solution for businesses of all sizes.

What Does Staff Augmentation Mean, and for IT Specifically?

Staff augmentation (also known as workforce augmentation ) is the process of supplementing your existing in-house staff with outside personnel who may share their skills or have specialized skills.  This may be needed to help with an internal project, to cover personnel on vacation, or maybe to handle a sudden increase in demand.  The manager needs to hire a qualified person quickly usually for a short-term contract, often less than a year.

Often this hiring is done through a trusted source, for example, the company’s IT Managed Services provider.  There are several advantages to augmenting staff through a provider that already knows your computer environment and systems. This approach reduces training time required, and reduces management oversight requirements. The largest IT staffing firms, sometimes referred to as body shops, provide short-term staff augmentation on a large scale, for larger staffing or project needs.  These firms are usually used by large companies.

For IT projects, choosing staff augmentation means that instead of relying on full-time hires or internal resources to get work done, you’re able to quickly find and hire qualified experts who can help you meet the needs of a specific project without having to commit to long-term contracts or take on excessive overhead costs.

The 7 Biggest Business Benefits of Staff Augmentation for IT

The primary advantages of staff augmentation are :

1. Cost Savings & Quality Assurance

Staff augmentation allows you to save money and get top-notch talent without having to go through the long process of recruiting and onboarding full-time employees.

This means that you can quickly find qualified professionals who are ready to hit the ground running, with little or no ramp-up time required. Furthermore, it’s usually cheaper than hiring outside consultants for a one-time project because staff augmentation contracts are typically longer in duration, allowing for more cost savings opportunities over time.

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2. Access To Specialized IT Talent

When it comes to IT projects, it can be difficult to find the specialized skill sets your business needs internally — especially as new technologies emerge and existing ones become obsolete.

With staff augmentation, you can easily access the IT talent that is hard to find on your own, and get them working on your project quickly and efficiently.

3. Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Staff augmentation helps to maximize efficiency and productivity in two ways: first, it allows you to bring in specialized IT professionals who are familiar with the specific needs of a given project; second, it enables you to spread out tasks over multiple individuals or teams, so each can be completed faster than if they were handled by a single person or team.

Not only does this reduce the time it takes to complete certain projects but also increases overall efficiency and productivity due to the expertise and skill set of those involved.

4. Reduced Risk & Improved Security

Staff augmentation helps to reduce risk and improve security through its collaborative approach.

By working with an IT outsourcing firm, you can ensure that your projects are completed by professionals who understand the specific needs of your environment, as well as the potential risks associated with certain tasks and technologies. Additionally, it also reduces the risk of making costly mistakes due to lack of expertise or knowledge in a particular area.

5. Flexibility & Scalability

With staff augmentation, you can easily ramp up or down depending on your project’s requirements.

This means that if you need additional help for a short period of time (or even long-term), you can quickly bring in experts without having to commit to full-time hires or long-term contracts. This flexibility lets you scale up quickly and efficiently, while also helping to ensure that only the required resources are used at any given time.

6. Improved Performance & Quality Of Service

Staff augmentation allows you to bring in specialized expertise from outside sources when needed, so you can be sure that your projects are completed with the highest quality standards possible.

Additionally, it helps to improve performance by allowing for better collaboration between internal and external stakeholders, which ultimately leads to better outcomes for all involved.


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7. Reduced Overhead & Training Costs

Rather than hiring full-time employees, IT staff augmentation allows companies to bring in skilled IT professionals on a temporary basis to help with specific tasks.

This approach can help to reduce overhead and training costs because the IT staff augmentation provider takes care of recruiting, training, and managing the IT professionals. Additionally, companies only pay for the specific hours worked, which can be more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees who require salaries, benefits, and training.

Overall, IT staff augmentation can provide companies with the necessary IT resources they need to complete their projects, while keeping costs low and increasing efficiency.

Staff Augmentation Benefits

Making the Most of the 7 Staff Augmentation Benefits with Power Consulting as Your MSP

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We’re committed to helping our clients achieve their IT goals, and we believe that staff augmentation is one of the best ways to do so.

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