Kaseya Award Press Release

Kaseya Awards Power Consulting with MSP Automation Award

Subtitle: On Day 3 of Connect IT Global, the IT solutions company Kaseya awarded New York-based MSP Power Consulting with the MSP Automation Award. 

Las Vegas, Nevada — May 09, 2019 — Kaseya (kaseya.com), a leading IT solutions provider, awarded managed IT services provider (MSP) Power Consulting (powerconsulting.com) with the MSP Automation Award. 

Kaseya awarded Power Consulting on Day 3 of Connect IT Global, Kaseya’s marquee annual conference that brings thousands of the world’s leading IT business owners, IT vendors, and IT professionals to Las Vegas to train and collaborate. 

The MSP Automation Award reflects Power Consulting’s commitment to delivering Kaseya’s solutions in line with vendor and industry best practices. It also illustrates Power Consulting’s pledge to provide small and medium-sized businesses with IT solutions that make teams work more efficiently and cut operational costs. 

Power Consulting is proud to have partnered with Kaseya to deliver VSA, BMS, TRAVERSE, AUTHANVIL and UNIGMA to businesses in need of controlling their IT costs and freeing their business resources to generating revenue. 

About Kaseya

Kaseya is the leading developer and supplier of IT Infrastructure Management Solutions for MSPs and internal IT departments. Leveraging a customer-centric, open platform approach, Kaseya empowers organizations to efficiently manage and secure their IT assets.

Kaseya’s IT Complete platform is the most comprehensive and integrated IT management solution on the market. IT Complete equips IT organizations to centrally manage their IT through remote and distributed environments, readily back-up data, conduct disaster recovery, and automate every IT management function. Kaseya is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, but has a worldwide presence in more than 20 countries. Learn more atwww.kaseya.com 

About Power Consulting
Founded in 1991, Power Consulting is a New York-based managed IT services provider (MSP) catering to the technology and IT management needs of small and medium businesses (SMB). For over 25 years, Power Consulting helps SMBs control their spiralling IT costs as well as eliminate unexpected IT disruptions and bottlenecks.

At the center of its services, Power Consulting’s Managed Care Process hones over 20 years of IT experience into a 1 year set of deliverables that re-organizes client IT systems in months, and then optimize them within the year. Power Consulting helps leading US companies in finance, law, education or non-profit, to leverage IT for cost reduction and increased profitability. Learn More at powerconsulting.com.