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Sentinel One End User Pricing

Sentinel One End User Pricing

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (EDR) is a next-gen antivirus solution that offers comprehensive security across multiple operating systems. To many, SentinelOne pricing and benefits are exactly what they need to keep their business safe while staying on budget.

The SentinelOne platform contains many powerful tools that enable security professionals the ability to prevent, detect, respond to and hunt threats to your network. With 67% of SMBs experiencing cyberattacks in 2018, it’s vital to have adequate endpoint protection software to safeguard both cloud and on-prem networks.

With so many next-gen antiviruses on the market, why choose SentinelOne? Moreover, why choose a next-gen antivirus at all? Here we’ll discuss the benefits and pricing of SentinelOne’s platform.

SentinelOne’s EDR platform starts at $45 per endpoint, per year or about $3.75 per month.  SentinelOne is rapidly becoming the gold standard and market leader of Endpoint Protection.  But this pricing is comparable to other EDRs.

Using AI and machine learning, SentinelOne is truly a next-gen security program.  Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, SentinelOne will prevent the vast majority of attacks targeting users and their systems.

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SentinelOne Security Pricing: Features That Make It Worthwhile

SentinelOne has many features and tools that make it a top-performing next-gen antivirus. These features allow cybersecurity professionals to easily prevent threats from ever entering your network, all through a single agent.

With a comprehensive management console, SentinelOne’s EDR users can identify and isolate threats in real time. The console provides security professionals the ability to understand the threat via key data points and deploy unparalleled detection and response countermeasures.

SentinelOne’s EDR also utilizes powerful AI software. The AI’s machine learning capabilities allow it to mitigate attacks across all major vectors, even when offline. This is especially important considering the ever-changing nature of cybercrime.

SentinelOne Antivirus Pricing Comparison

Sentinel One Pricing

SentinelOne’s EDR platform is not the most expensive EDR on the market, but it’s also not cheap.

According to Capterra, SentinelOne’s EDR platform provides a slightly lower price than three of its competitors, JamF Protect, Perch Security by ConnectWise, and CrowdStrikes Falcon:

  • Jamf is $5/user per month or $60 per year
  • Perch Security is $10/user per month or $100 per year
  • Crowdstrike Falcon is $59.99/user per year

While there are pros and cons to every service, SentinelOne’s EDR provides more comprehensive training for its users, more on-prem support, and support across more operating systems.

SentinelOne Pricing and Benefits in a Nutshell

SentinelOne’s EDR is a powerful cybersecurity tool for SMBs and large enterprise operations alike. With AI-powered threat detection, comprehensive management consoles, and high-level forensics capabilities, SentinelOne’s EDR offers powerful network protection through a single antivirus software.

Additionally, SentinelOne pricing for its EDR scales from 2 to 1000+ users making it possible to use their EDR platform indefinitely as your business continues to grow. Prevent, detect, and eliminate threats on your business’s network with SentinelOne’s EDR platform.

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