The Ultimate SentinelOne Review

The Ultimate SentinelOne Review

Business networks are becoming increasingly susceptible to cybercrime. In 2019, 43% of cyber attacks targeted at small businesses.

It’s critical that business owners find suitable cyber security solutions to protect their business operations.

SentinelOne is an industry leading solution that SMB’s often use to protect their business and data.

It’s a next-gen antivirus software that provides its users with an Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions. Essentially, it is a tool used to stop threats at the endpoint level.

SentinelOne Review and Ratings

SentinelOne’s platform emerges as a top-rated next-gen antivirus (AV).

In this blog, we will deep into Sentinel One and review:

  • The cyber security platform
  • The cyber security software
  • Endpoint protection

See below for our review of SentinelOne and how it can address your cyber security needs.

Review of SentinelOne’s Cyber security Platform

Many users are happily surprised by SentinelOne’s ability to seamlessly integrate with Linux-based network environments.

SentinelOne’s robust API is frequently cited as a reason customers purchased and continue to use their antivirus software. It can be easily deployed alongside third-party software, so time-consuming reconfiguration isn’t necessary.

Finally, many users note that SentinelOne’s scalable price of $45/user per year is a cost-effective solution for their business. Many of its competitors, including CarbonBlack and CrowdStrike, are more expensive.

SentinelOne Cyber Security Review – Features

SentinelOne’s cybersecurity platform combines all back-end data into a single, easy to use platform. Additionally, SentinelOne’s software provides unparalleled protection against threats of all kinds:

  • Comprehensive threat hunting
  • Prevention, Detection, and monitoring
  • Remediation of threats in real time.

Finally, a review of SentinelOne by MITRE’s ATT&CK in April 2020 revealed that it had the lowest number of missed threat detections and the highest number of high-quality detections among its peers.

On top of these cybersecurity solutions, SentinelOne also offers comprehensive endpoint protection.

Sentinel One Endpoint Protection Review

An endpoint is any part of your network that engages in communication: mobile devices, computers, servers, workstations, etc. They’re cybersecurity hazards because they’re capable of communicating with outside networks, which in turn exposes them to outside threats.

With SentinelOne’s endpoint protection, businesses get total security by adding a layer of real-time autonomous protection across all of their network endpoints.

SentinelOne’s software also utilizes machine learning and AI-based proactive endpoint protection to detect and remediate threats before any human action is required. This means you get comprehensive automated protection for all online and offline endpoints across your network.

Review of SentinelOne – Conclusion

Given its many benefits, SentinelOne should be one of your top considerations for securing your network with endpoint protection. To recap our Sentinel One review, here are some of the best-in-class features the platform has to offer:

  • A robust API that allows users to seamlessly integrate SentinelOne’s software into their existing network infrastructure.
  • Cost-effective scalable pricing starting at 45$ per user per year.
  • Linux-based integration that has frequent and comprehensive updates, documentation, and support.
  • Cutting-edge, AI-driven endpoint protection for all your devices

One customer’s review of SentinelOne called it “the best next-gen AV solution, period.” That’s because of its peerless dedication to business security, its excellent customer support, and its ability to keep up with evolving threats.

If you’re looking for endpoint protection, SentinalOne is a great choice.

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