Goodbye Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10!


Microsoft is finally doing away with support for older browsers such Internet Explorer (IE) 8, 9 and 10 by next week. The only alternative would be for users to upgrade to IE 11, jumping to an alternative browser or moving over to Windows 10 to take advantage of the Edge browser.

This move by Microsoft does not spell the complete end of the older versions of IE on your PC. What it means is that Microsoft will no longer provide bug fixes, patches or updates for those versions. This will leave users more vulnerable to malware and other cyber security threats.

Microsoft is expected to send out the “end of support” notification for the outdated versions of IE by January 12th. The notification will encourage those using older versions to upgrade their browser. This move to end older versions of IE is Microsoft’s way of nudging the public to try its new Edge browser by switching over to Windows 10. The Edge browser is a bit more modern and streamlined than the previous versions of IE.

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