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Do Network Reliability and Security Issues Threaten To Stall Your Growth?

Rope in our computer network support specialists to enhance your network security and efficiency.

Our network support services will help you grow with:

IT Support

24 x 7 support from best-in-class Network Operations Center (NOC) 

IT Support

Timely help to ensure that you get back to your work in no time 

IT Support

Consolidated view of your network and security goings-on with a custom dashboard 

IT Support

Protect networks from hacking and social engineering issues with proactive periodic testing

IT Support

Secure hosting with SOC-2 compliant data centers  

Leverage our computer network support specialist and business network support in Queens to boost the network operations and overall security

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Why Our IT Support Services in Queens Are Elite

Power Consulting Group is a remarkable group of talented people who know a great deal about the IT services business, and care a great deal about “your” IT services business.

Patrick Burns
Autotask VP, Product Management

We went through a number of recent emergencies with the last two major storms. In each of these cases Power Consulting was there for us, and to help lead and ensure that Springer Publishing was up and running, and also had a plan for the future.

Jeff Meltzer
Springer Publishing

Power Consulting is a fast and reliable service that helps me figure out a problem without having to wait a whole day for a tech. I love how after you put in a ticket you get an reply that our ticket was opened and soon after you get a live person to help!

Danielle P.
Education Client

“We asked Power Consulting to come in and evaluate our network and onsite technology. The server closet was full of systems that had not been used for years, but we kept because we were afraid of causing problems. They analyzed our network and recommended we move several resources to the cloud. Then they examined the old systems, trashed or recycled them, and left us with a pristine server closet with just a few neatly stacked and cabled devices! What a relief to know we were as lean and clean as possible, and our cloud strategy was finally under way.”

Marsha Seeman
- Assistant Executive Director, Writers Guild of America East

Power Consulting

IT Network Support in Queens

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Network Support 

Enhance the network uptime and improve network operations with support from our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center


Let our network support technicians take care of your tech issues with prompt service and guaranteed service levels service breakdown.

Real-time threat detection

Stay one step ahead of the hackers and detect any threat before it affects you with our real-time monitoring services.

Network Security 

Our computer network support specialists conduct regular tests to protect your systems from threats and hackers. 

Custom Dashboards 

Custom Dashboards help you to keep track of the network activity and allow you to use network data to improve operations.

Network Monitoring

Benefit from our round-the-clock network monitoring services to secure your systems and to proactively address any issue.

End User Management 

Allow our computer network support specialists to safeguard your network from unlawful logins or malicious elements trying to access restricted systems.

Device Management

Regularly monitor your hardware assets. Our computer network support specialists keep a watch on your infrastructure and inform you in case of suspicious login or application download.

Secure Your Network With Regular and Reliable Monitoring

Our network support services keep a close watch on your systems to pre-empt an issue and make sure your IT issues are resolved quickly.

Boost Productivity with Reliable Network IT Support
and Services in Queens, NYC

Keep your IT environment in peak condition with professional computer support in Queens. Work with Power Consulting to get a long-term resolution for problems across your entire IT infrastructure.

Providing Queens IT Support
Reduction in IT Issues in Your first 3 months
Help from our Queens Tech Support

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IT Network Support Queens NY

Reliable Network Monitoring for Better Network Performance

Regular monitoring is crucial to ensure the smooth functioning of your network. Not only are you always aware of the network usage, but you are able to quickly discover an issue and resolve it before it affects your network operations.

We monitor your network regularly to ensure that all elements of your network infrastructure, including switches, routers, firewalls, and servers, are performing at their optimum level.

Ensure Compliance of Your Network With SOC-2

Enhance the security of your data, apps, and emails with our SOC-2 compliant data centers. Our private cloud is geared to host your sensitive data in a most secure environment. 

Ensure quick recovery of your data in case of a problem with our network support for cloud computing and network security services. With our proven experience, we ensure that you are always compliant, even as standards continue to evolve.

Computer Network Support Queens
Network Support Services Queens

Enhance Network Efficiency With 24×7 Support From NOC

Our world-class Network Operations Center ensures that your network is always operating at its optimum level. 

With 25 years of experience, Power Consulting is a foremost network services company in Queens. Our qualified and experienced network support specialists keep an eye on your network all the time, even when you are away on weekends or holidays, to quickly and efficiently address any issue that threatens to impact the network. A more efficient network will drive your productivity, taking you closer to your business objectives.

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