Managed IT Services

For many small and medium sized companies, it makes no sense to have an IT department. It is a long-term costly investment that is expensive to maintain. Not just high personnel costs, but training, certification, and consultant costs must be considered. There are myriad details, so much room for error, and always unforeseen costs. The best organizations focus on the company mission, and let professionals handle the technology and other specialty areas.

Power Consulting’s sole focus is advising and supporting the IT for small and medium organizations. Power Managed Care is our most comprehensive contract ranging from day to day support to management, budgeting, and strategic planning. Power Managed Care is a complete IT Support, Maintenance, Monitoring, and Management solution for your company. Power Consulting is your IT department – without the additional costs and liabilities associated with staffing your own department.

Managed Services Expanded Group Services

  1. System Design and Solutions
  2. Cost-Savings Best Practices
  3. 24×7 System Monitoring
  4. Full Documentation & Tangible Network Health Reports
  5. Backup and Disaster Recovery
  6. Security
    1. Secure Remote Access
    2. VPN & WAN Networking
    3. Domain and Access (SSL)
  7. Virtualization solutions
    1. Server consolidation
    2. Green Services

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