Periodically punctuating the background noise of IT work – support, maintenance, management – are IT projects. These can be exciting new initiatives designed to move the business forward – or basic information gathering, recommendations, and upgrading existing systems. Scheduling a meeting with Power Consulting means that you will have a detailed, written recommendation from a team of experts to convert that idea into an actionable plan.

We use experience, time-tested procedures, and great project-management tools to ensure your project goes smoothly from conception to delivery. In the consulting phase we learn about the client’s business goals. We develop a detailed statement of work and rollout plan. We involve clients in project planning, asking for their participation or attendance in final planning sessions. We follow check-list after check-list to make sure no detail is forgotten.

Projects Expanded Group Services

  1. Planning and project management
  2. Vendor Management
    1. ISP Expertise
    2. Phone System Vendors
  3. Relocation & Move Assistance
    1. Server Room Builds
  4. Staff Augmentation
    1. Vacation Coverage
    2. Temporary Staffing
  5. Interactive Media Solutions
    1. A/V Solutions
    2. Interactive Digital Whiteboards
    3. Video Production Support
    4. Multimedia Presentations & Design
  6. Creative Media
    1. Art & Design Dept. Support
    2. Communications and Press Release Support
  7. Virtualization Solutions