Cyber Security

Our client’s security is a top priority at Power Consulting. We insist on following stringent industry standards and best practices to keep our clients safe from Internet intrusion, hacking, virus, malware and spam. System continuity, backup and data recovery are critical components of your company’s overall security plan. Power Consulting will implement best practices and raise your business’ security standards and awareness through a managed security program that focuses on keeping your business and data safe and improving the overall productivity of your users.
Smart businesses turn to Power Consulting to manage their IT challenges. From support to strategy, we make technology serve business.

Security Services

1. Network Vulnerability & Risk Assessments
2. Security Architecture Design & Consulting
3. Network & User Security Training
4. Network Security Policy Review & Upkeep

5. SECaaS – Security as a Service – Monthly Security Programs Include:
– Cyber Security Consulting (vCISO)
– Cyber Security Insurance Coverage
– Risk Assessment
– Vulnerability Scanning
– Live Phish Testing
– Incident Response
– Risk Remediation
– Policy Review & Maintenance
– Vulnerability & Risk Reporting
– Advanced Deep Penetration Testing

Security Partners